SubMagic 0.71

Create and edit your own subtitles

SubMagic is an application to convert, edit, sync or create movie subtitles. It supports several formats, has a lot of features and functions, is easy to operate and best of all, its free.

SubMagic is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and doesn't need a . NET framework or any other external libraries. DirectX 9. 0c is needed for video playback.



SubMagic 0.71

User reviews about SubMagic

  • ikiakukok.dudukowe

    by ikiakukok.dudukowe

    "SubMagic 0.7.0 review - by ikiakukok"

    I like the way SubMagic corrects errors and show me the stats. More.

    reviewed on June 7, 2010

  • "Says It's Free, Then Extorts "Donation""

    Never got it running. Forced-focus pop-up screen asks for a donation (the disable checkbox doesn't work of course), and ... More.

    reviewed on May 26, 2009